Tim Langhauser Switches to Kirby Insurance – Saves $1,200

“As soon as my brother got into the insurance game, I figured it was going to be my 2011-10-28 18.19.48obligation to give him a shot on quoting my auto and home insurance.  Up until this point I had always gone with Geico, Progressive or State Farm, mostly because they were the ones I saw on TV everyday.  Low and behold my rates were paying for all those fancy commercials!!!  Brendan switched me over to Encompass Insurance and saved me almost $1,200 a year between all of my plans!!!  Yea, I would say that was the last time I shopped my insurance myself.” – Tim Langhauser

Don’t get left in the dark chasing your tail trying to shop your own insurance, and end up supporting a computer animated gecko or a couple B List movie stars lining their pockets from insurance commercials!  Call me today 410-840-2922

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