Client Testimonials

Jeff (Joppatowne)

Brendan Langhauser with Kirby Insurance is awesome.   I had been with Kirby Insurance prior to moving to Virginia in 2009.  However once I moved I was told that Kirby Insurance could not write policies in Virginia.  I had to switch to another company.  A year later I received a letter in the mail from Brendan.  As soon as I received the letter I gave Brendan a called, and made the switch back to Kirby Insurance.

Brendan has handled my policy since 2011.  I’ve had many changes to my policy including buying my first home.  Brendan has been nothing more than professional, helpful, and even was able to make some suggestions for some things outside of Insurance.  During one of my conversations with Brendan I informed him that my partner was selling his condo in Harford County.  Brendan asked if we had a realtor, and honestly we didn’t.  He referred us to his brother, Tim Langhauser, with Compass Home Group.  Brendan went as far as sending an email to his brother, and also giving me all of his brother’s contact information.  Let me just say not only was Brendan’s customer service outstanding, Tim’s was just as good.

Brian (Bel Air) Saved Over $600

Insurance agents have a tendency to make an impression on you.  At 16 years of age, I met my first one.  He was my parents agent.  He treated me well for years until he sold his business.  The company that then serviced my policy has provided “OK” service for the past ten years or so.  I was comfortable in my choice of providers.

Insurance not only protects your belongings but it protects your piece of mind.  Many (myself included) don’t relished the idea of switching providers or agencies.  My fear is / was that something catastrophic will happen or I won’t get the level of service I am accustom.  Anyone that interacts with Kirby Insurance agency can rest easy if they are working with Brendan Langhauser.  Expertise, professionalism and prompt.  These words coupled with outstanding customer service are ones that can be used to describe my experience.   Anyone reading this should take it from me.  Don’t wait.  Get a quote today.  Realize you savings and make the switch.  I promise you won’t regret it.

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